Monday, August 16, 2010


Derry~Londonderry made history recently when it won the bid to be the first ever UK City of Culture. The Northern Ireland City will take its prestigious title in 2013 after winning the judging panel’s vote, having been shortlisted among three other cities; Birmingham, Norwich and Sheffield.

The momentous win means that in 2013 Derry~Londonderry will play host to a year-long celebration of culture in the city, opening its doors to visitors from across the world. It is anticipated that people will come in their thousands to experience the cultural life that has been at Derry’s heart for generations.

The City got great support in its bid to showcase its potential as a cultural capital, not only from locals and politicians, but also from some of its most loved celebrities. Liam Neeson, Seamus Heaney and Gabriel Byrne, to name just three came out in support of their hometown, with Heaney noting “the strength of Derry’s application is based on more than words” and Byrne adding “Derry has emerged from the shadows of the recent past and is undergoing something of a renaissance and, for a city of its size it has an extraordinary array of arts and facilities”.

“A historic city with a modern outlook, the walled city of Londonderry is one of Northern Ireland’s most exciting destinations, and with this well-deserved title Canadians will have yet another reason to visit”, says Jayne Shackleford, Manager of Tourism Ireland in Canada.

From Tourism Ireland, Canada


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