Saturday, November 6, 2010

Whistler village in the Fall


It is late Fall in Whistler; a magical time enhanced by the gentle approach of Canada’s loveliest season.  In early November the winter crowds have yet to arrive. Mountain peaks covered in a fine sprinkling of snow, break through low-lying clouds in the early morning. Sugar maples in a magnificent display set the village afire with hues of crimson, wine, apricot and pink.

There are a multitude of activities to enjoy in Canada's popular holiday resort. Whistler village is a focal point for luxury living, shopping and gourmet dining, as well as the more simple pleasures; a picnic in an alpine meadow, canoeing the ‘River of Golden Dreams’, a float trip by raft or exploring dozens of mountain trails. The 20 kilometre Valley Trail is an easy trek on a mostly flat paved path. For more of a challenge there is the Musical Bumps Trail to Singing Pass or a rough walk to Wedgemount Lake. There are glacial lakes for fishing and whitewater rafting on milky turquoise rapids. Wildlife viewing tours can be arranged and golfers are well catered for on courses designed by Nicklaus, Palmer and Jones.

Black bears (sometimes Grizzlies) are not an uncommon sight gorging on berries in alpine meadows or lumbering along mountain trails. The local community seem convinced that Black bears weighing up to 150 kilograms and driven to increase their body weight as winter approaches, are docile.   I'm not convinced and I have a pair of bear bells attached to my backpack.  The tinkling sound of the bells as you walk I am told, alerts the bears to a human presence and they disappear without you even knowing they were close.

          Whistler is ranked as the No. 1 ski resort in North America by the prestigious 'Conde Nast Traveler', but for me, lush colourful Whistler in the Fall is equally enchanting.

Posted by Anne Gordon on Saturday, 6th November, 2010.


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