Tuesday, April 12, 2011


In the words of Henry David Thoreau ...

“The finest workers in stone are not copper or steel tools,
but the gentle touches of air and water
working at their leisure with a liberal allowance of time”

and may I add that the hands of a dedicated artist add the magical touch to a work of art in stone.

Melissa Gordon is a professional artist with a B.A. in 3-D Design from
England's Surrey Institute of Art and Design, and an M.A. in Fine Arts from
Canada's Waterloo University. Tucked away in an idyllic setting in northern
Ontario's lake and bear country, is the home and working place of this artist.

For many years she has studied the earth-loving ways and the gentle spirituality
of North America's native peoples. Her belief is that we have much to learn from these people who for thousands of years have inhabited this land and fashioned their lives around honouring Mother Earth and all her creatures.

In a time when the rest of the world seems to be in a headlong rush for
superficial fulfillment, Gordon spends her work days sculpting ceremonial pipes  of rare beauty for an expanding group of people who practise the shamanic  traditions of North America.

Just steps from the York river where a vaporous mist rises in the early morning,  woodpeckers and blue jays, cardinals and finches scramble for seed in one of the  many feeders dancing in front of the windows of Gordon's home. White tailed deer tip toe daintily around a flourishing vegetable garden at sun-up, nibbling  at whatever takes their fancy. In the evening, as dusk settles on the tips of  forest pines and firs, beavers can be seen making their way to a den nestled in  the bank of the river just steps from her door. A water hole, deep and still, is where the artist and her partner swim on hot steamy days.

There is a word that dare not be mentioned in the hearing of the resident hounds. “Squirrels”, even whispered, sets up a murderous clamour between
Namhaste, a sleek black pitbull lab cross, and Daisy Belle, a thieving pug who  recently snatched 13 chocolate brownies from the kitchen table when unobserved.

In the summer, friends gather for drumming sessions in a shaded circle beside  the river. In the dead of winter, Gordon and her partner host winter solstice  events, a delightful experience for all. Through fresh fallen snow, guests make  their way to the celebration site along a winding path lit by ice candles.

Eagle whistles
There is something very special about this small part of heaven tucked away in  Canada's wild north. The creative work of an artist is a spiritual undertaking and this tranquil place serves as an inspiration for Gordon, an artist of consummate talent.

To see more of Melissa Gordon's work visit her web site: http://www.whitefalconpipes.com/

Photos kindly loaned by Melissa Gordon.


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