Sunday, September 18, 2011

Zulu in traditional dress, Shakaland
There was a time long ago when the tribal lands of the Zulus in South Africa echoed to the sounds of stamping feet, chanting, and the clang of metal as Shaka’s warriors prepared for war.

Today all that has changed. On the hilltops in KwaZulu-Natal one hears only the melodious song of the native people, the soft whiffle of coastal winds rustling through dried grass, and the shrill calls of herd boys tending cattle.

A scenic three-hour drive along the coast from Durban brought us to Shakaland, a place where an undulating landscape of hills and valleys rose and fell like waves on a wild sea. Many years ago we had lived close to this place. My daughter was born here and we knew it well.

Entrance to Shakaland

In recent years Shakaland, built in 1984 as a movie set for a TV series called Shaka Zulu, was acquired by the Protea Group, one of South Africa’s major hotel chains. It is now a gathering place where foreign visitors and South Africans alike can learn about and experience Zulu culture.

More to follow ...
Photos copyright Anne Gordon
Posted on Sunday, 18th September, 2011


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