Friday, November 4, 2011

John W. Moore, cowboy Mayor of Williams and lady friend, Debi Lander

He's a one man promotional machine for his town on America's historic Route 66. One of its top star tourist attractions is the Grand Canyon Railway.

This rangy “sheriff” with Beau Brummel elegance  – a good guy attired in white cowboy hat, long flowing black coat, red damask waistcoat and expensive looking cowboy boots, established himself as a lady's man when he gallantly kissed my hand upon introduction.

A retired police chief, John W. Moore now fills the official role of mayor of Williams, and on the other hand in his  unofficial role – all in pursuit of tourist dollars – he is a member of the Cataract gang who terrorise riders on a train ride from Williams to the Grand Canyon. He and his "gang" re-enact a hold-up much to the delight of a pseudo-shocked passengers. But that's not his only talent. He's the master-mind behind a nightly gunfight on William's Main Street.

It was like pulling teeth to get him to admit to his  role in getting Williams back on its feet when Route 66 was closed. But eventually he laid claim to stopping the closing down of William's lucrative rail connection to the Grand Canyon.

Don't miss this great little town with its larger than life Mayor. If you see a tall rangy figure striding along Main Street in his everyday attire; gun on hip, long flowing coat billowing out behind him and oozing an irrespressible charm, that's him.

On my visit he took our group on a tour of Main Street; to the local Road Kill cafe, then on to the Grand Canyon pioneer hotel, to a shop selling cowboy paraphanalia, and to a Wild West town set-up off Main Street.  We finished up at the Twisters Route 66 cafe for a Coke float feeling as if we'd stepped back in time.
Photographs copyright Anne Gordon
Posted by Anne Gordon on Friday, 4th November 2011


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