Monday, March 11, 2013

One Hundred Thousand Welcomes to Ireland's 2013 Gathering
In recognition of The Gathering Ireland 2013, the year when the Emerald Isle hosts a 365 day party of festivals and events, the St Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin will burst with even more Irish magic as ‘The People’s Parade’ welcomes thousands of participants from all over the world to walk the city’s famous cobbled street. For the first time in the parade’s history 8,000 people will have the chance to ‘be part of’ the spectacular parade procession and over 300 Canadians are expected to be there at the heart of The Gathering - marching, dancing and jumping through the 2.5km route across Dublin’s historic fair city. Over half a million spectators will line Dublin’s streets cheering on the procession and soaking up the electric party atmosphere.
This festive feeling reverberates up and down the island of Ireland as parades in every shade of green, and all shapes and sizes get underway. It’s this exciting combination of colourful floats, marching bands, dancers, street performers, and that inimitable Irishcraic that makes Ireland THE place to be on March 17 … we’ll see you there! 
Photo copyright Anne Gordon
Posted by Anne Gordon on Monday, 11th March 2011   


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