Monday, August 16, 2010


A South Africa safari is a blend of the civilized ‘Old World Africa’ and a modern developed nation. In South Africa you can escape into the solitude of the African wilderness and return within hours to cosmopolitan and vibrant urban environments where you enjoy the finest world-class accommodations and coastal cuisine complimented by select regional wines.

South Africa is a world in one country containing more species of native flowers on the Cape Peninsula than throughout North America or Europe.

One of the world’s oldest and biggest parks, Kruger National Park and the surrounding conservation reserves protect a diversity of ecosystems harboring the greatest variety of animals in Southern Africa including more than 500 bird and 49 fish species.

The Xhosa, Zulu and other ethnic groups present exciting cross-cultural opportunities, including emerging township tourism that takes you into the homes and schools of these communities.

Embraced by both the Atlantic and Indian oceans, the beaches are ideal for relaxation after your safari and snorkeling or SCUBA diving among the varied marine life. Travel to South Africa by joining one of Wildland Adventures scheduled departures or ask them to plan a custom trip.

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