Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Life Guards of London's Household Cavalry

No visit to London is complete without some pomp and ceremony. I took this picture outside the building known as “Horse Guards”. These fellows in red are the Life Guards – not the swimming kind (their cuirasses would drag them down).  As one tourist, an imagined expert explained, “they stand there facing each other (Blues and Royals vs Life Guards) for about half an hour and then they have changed the guard!”

As you can see it was a good picture taking opportunity.

The Life Guards in red, and the Blues and Royals in blue, both comprise regiments in the Household Cavalry, an actual functioning light armored formation of the British Army. When not on ceremonial duty, the Household Cavalry performs a reconnaissance function in a combat brigade; dress uniform is replaced by camouflage, swords by assault rifles.

Post courtesy of guest blogger Michael Gordon on Saturday, 6th November, 2010


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