Wednesday, April 20, 2011

For anyone exploring the back roads in Ontario, Canada, this strange phenomenon along a forested highway to a small northern country town called Bancroft, is worth investigation. 

Out in the middle of nowhere,  soon after the little village of  Kinmount originally settled by Icelandic immigrants long long ago, there is a display unlike any other.

Shoes of every description, from ice skates, runners, Doc Marten boots, hiking boots, flip flops, Wellington boots, plastic sandals and hundreds upon hundreds of others, are draped over or nailed onto roadside trees.   This is a work in progress as shoes old, new and decrepit are added to this overwhelming display each summer.  One can only marvel at the durability of footwear after years of snowstorms, gusting wind, sun and hail.  One pair of rust coloured slippers seem to have taken on the nobbly appearance of the tree to which they are attached. 

On my last journey through the area, I noticed that the telephone line over the road is now part of this weird "art" extravaganza.  Shoes dangle along the wire's length, dancing in the wind.

How did it all start I wondered.  My husband's elderly Scottish aunt had an answer for such an undertaking.  She'd look at me with a twinkle in her eye and say in her broad Scottish accent,"There's none so queer as folks Anne".

Posted by Anne Gordon on Wednesday, 20th April.

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