Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hindu marriage announcement
displayed outside the couple's
       In Jaisalmer as well as in other places in Rajasthan, I noticed painted signs that occupied a prominent place at the entrance to homes.
       Featured on each of the signs, Ganesh the elephant god, one of the most popular of the Hindu gods, was depicted seated on a low stool or occasionally perched on a lotus blossom.
       Endowed with an elephant head and four arms, his first hand held a flower, the second a trident, the third a basket of what appeared to be plump round bread rolls and with his fourth hand he administered a blessing. With one foot resting in his lap – toenails painted scarlet – he was an unusual sight.
       Each of these signs we discovered, was an announcement of marriage. Each contained Hindu script and a date – the names of the wedded pair and the day of their marriage.
Photo copyright Anne Gordon

Posted on Thursday, 8th December, 2011


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