Monday, April 16, 2012

Downtown Cardiff

     In the golden light of late afternoon I explore Cardiff’s bustling pedestrian downtown. Hip clothing outlets; among them Zaras a treasure chest for the young, and Marks and Spencers long noted for good value for money draw me in. Marks and Specers now tops the charts with sequined purses, Isadore Duncan floaty scarves, shoes that look as if they are the work of Spanish shoe designers, and stylish dresses with unmistakeable English panache.

Welsh Craft shop
          I found Victorian and Edwardian arcades with a wealth of intimate boutiques fascinating. For the sight of the world’s largest Welsh lovespoon and a choice of dozens of love spoon designs, stop off in the Welsh Craft shop on Queens.
Madame Fromage's Cheese Shop
selling Welsh Cawl
         Madame Fromage’s cheese shop was especially inviting as I sat to enjoy a cup of frothy espresso sprinkled with cinnamon. A delectable aroma wafting from a chocolate cake heaped with creamy icing and cupcakes placed strategically within my view, took just minutes to destroy my intention to ignore sweet tooth temptations. 
         Should I stay on for dinner I wondered as I examined the wall advert for a delicious Welsh Cawl (soup). Tess, my companion hustled me out before further temptation clouded my judgment. We were, after all, scheduled for a banquet at Cardiff Castle that night.

Photos copyright Anne Gordon

Posted on Monday, 16th April, 2012


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