Thursday, April 11, 2013

Polar bear on the tundra near Churchill, Manitoba
Stretching full length against the solid metal of a gigantic tundra buggy a polar bear, just two feet from my face, eyes me intently. For a moment I imagine that here on the edge of the Arctic Circle we two have a mutual meeting of minds. We do, but for two very different reasons. With my camera clamped to my eye I’m intent on photography. He no doubt is checking out the food possibilities. He raises his moist black nose and sniffs the air. Just 24 inches closer and he would crunch my skull like an eggshell.

I hear a menacing hiss as his breath slides across his taste buds. A thick black tongue lolls from the half open jaw of one of the world’s most ferocious predators. His eyes, deep brown and intelligent, watch my every move. Closeby, a bear compatriot sets his sights on a female bear with cubs. She accustomed to the nasty habits of the males of her species snarls and lunges aggressively at the skulking male.

Posted by Anne Gordon on 11th April, 2013

Image copyright Anne Gordon


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