Sunday, May 22, 2011

Arizona's Grand Canyon

One of North America’s most popular tourist destinations – over 5 million visitors every year – is the Grand Canyon. I have heard many confess to being moved to tears at the sight and splendour of it.

Arizona's Grand Canyon
Its tones at sunrise and sunset range through the whole colour spectrum; bone white, the grey of a Tahitian pearl, rust, coffee, rose, emerald and a pale delicate pink. For size it is stupendous; 277 miles long, almost 18 miles across and a mile deep.

Mountain lions, wild turkeys, beavers, mule deer, the brilliant blue Pinyon jay and Grand Canyon rattlesnakes shelter on its cliffs and in its caves.

Young visitors from Russia at Arizona's Grand Canyon
 When I looked down into an abyss as birds circled overhead, it seemed unimagineable that someone would choose to commit suicide in such a place. Just 24 hours before our arrival, a man had jumped out of a helicopter to his death in the Grand Canyon. “And it’s not an unusual occurence Anne,” I was told by Curt our guide.

Posted by Anne Gordon on Sunday, 22nd May, 2011

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