Monday, December 19, 2011

The book - enter the Underworld

          Exploring Buried Karst published by Edgehill Press is as much about Ontario’s caves as it is the experience of exploring them, the culture of cavers and the people that involve themselves in this activity.  
          "Caving in Ontario" is large, colorful and full of fascinating sidebars – experiences of first time explorations in places where no human has ever gone, unusual anecdotes and snippets of geological, geographical and caving information. 
           There are the better known caves such as Dewdneys Cave, Spanky’s Paradise, Moira Cave and others, then there are also the newly discovered caves- some of which still remain only partially explored. If you are into exploring caves, this book will tell you how to find them.
The author and explorer
          If you are in any way interested in Ontario’s geography, geology or cutting edge exploration, or you’re just simply interested in caves and would like to see some interesting pictures, "Caving in Ontario" definitely is for you. Michael Gordon has been caving for over 25 years, primarily in Ontario, where many believe that caves do not exist. "Caving in Ontario" will show you otherwise.

Posted by Anne Gordon on Monday, 19th December, 2011

Photos copyright Michael Gordon and Anne Gordon


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