Sunday, July 21, 2013


Located just a few minutes walk along the harbour front from the centre of town, Falmouth's Greenbank Hotel's décor is genteel olde-world English as opposed to North American glitz.


To reach the hotel we pass a sea wall sprouting clumps of pink and scarlet Valerian, and Originon dappled on slender stems like delicate lace. Along the way roses, blowsy in the heat of summer, hydrangeas and fragrant honeysuckle perfume miniature gardens.


Leaning on the sea wall, I watch enchanted as a party boat breaks free from surrounding yachts. Music trails like a bridal veil from the rear of the boat, and seagulls, hundrds of them, like tossed confetti swoop and dive in its wake. 


Standing in the foyer I can imagine Florence Nightingale, a one time

guest, making her entrance in a no-nonsense, I'm in charge manner. In the sitting room with its large comfy chairs and quiet elegance I also imagine Kenneth Graham, author of that children's classic, “Wind in the Willows”, writing the letters to his son that subsequently became part of the “Wind in the Willows” story. Graham wrote those letters while staying in the Greenbank Hotel.

Photos copyright Anne Gordon

Posted by Anne Gordon on Sunday 21 July, 2013


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