Monday, July 22, 2013

A coastal view in Kauai
The natural beauty of Kauai, Hawaii's garden island, was formed over millions of years. Waimea Canyon the spectacular Na Pali cliffs, 20 bogs that make up the Alakei Swamp and its rainforests are just a small part of its attractions.

Leis of Kauai
Kauai is a rural hideaway for a people who value their connection with other islands but also value their unique place. Many say that the Hawaiians from the other islands favour Kauai above all for having retained the Hawaiian spirit.

Hanalei Colony Resort on the island of Kauai
The glitzy developments of Hawaii's other islands are low on the priority list of nature loving islanders. There are few streetlights here, no high rises and most buildings are no taller than a coconut palm. 

Plumeria blossoms on the island of Kauai
In spite of that, Kauai is no slouch as far as activities are concerned. Fancy a massage, a cave adventure or kayaking to the Na Pali cliffs, one of the most dramatic scenic beauties to be found anywhere, everything is at your fingertips. For the robust a hike in the Waimea Canyon or a walk through Alakei Swamp will be a revelation for those interested in the natural wonders of the island. Snorkelling in the crystalline waters around the coast take you into a world of slow motion drifting with currents where sharks and other sea creatures watch with curiosity the antics of human invaders of their watery world.
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