Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Oaxaca in a highland valley in the southern reaches of Mexico is a city of sunshine minus the oppressive heat sometimes experienced in these climes.  Oaxaca has a community that speaks 16 different languages and they come from hundreds of diverse ethnic groups. 
A city of narrow streets lined with colourful Mexican architecture makes it a delightful place for strolling. 

The zocala, similar to the main squares in Spain is the venue for festivals and traditional dance. Mariachi bands entertain whilst Oaxacans relax in pavement cafes sipping and enjoying the country's national drinks. 
For the non alcoholic variety of Oaxacan drink visitors should try Tejate made with corn, seeds, Rosita flowers and cacao beans.  For those who enjoy more of a kick, Mezcal with its smoky flavour and a worm in the bottom of the bottle is the way to go.  Made from the Agave cactus it is an extremely potent tipple and one should imbibe with care.
Photos copyright Anne Gordon.
Posted on Tuesday, 23rd July, 2013. 


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